Pradeep Kumar and Company is one of the premier law firms in India in core areas of its practice Established in 2009, is a highly respected and professionally managed law firm. We believe this has assisted in building the desired experience, knowledge and skill set for the team to deliver a high quality, consistent, cost-effective advice to our clients and create a niche for ourselves.

Expert Advice
Marital  Disputes have become common in modern times. Since marriage is a very important bond it needs to be dealt with lot of caution and thoughtfulness.  Our expert guidance and advice handles each matter with full confidentiality.

Family First Approach
When ever there is a marital discord the whole family suffers. The children are the most innocent victim of this marital dispute. Not only it brings them mental agony. We always take into consideration the interest of children and family members.

Divorce by Mutal Consent
We give a patient ear to each and every case. Our sincer efforts are aimed at restoring the nuptial bond. But in case it does not happen we always to get the divorce by mutual consent as it is in favour of both the parties.


Very Transparent and Helped me get Divorce quickly

Saved my marriage by giving the right advice

Very patient and helped me get alimony and divorce.